PAS PESCHAK AUTONOME SYSTEME GMBH develops solutions for autonomous operations with focus on sensor-based off-road applications. PAS technology and products for automation can be used in agriculture as well as on any other kind of vehicle and machinery.

PAS has developed algorithms for mapping, self-positioning, path-planning, object detection and classification based on various sensor systems. This is used as basis for autonomous operation in all terrain. A number of vehicles and machines have successfully been equipped with the PAS system for autonomous driving and operation. PAS develops customized solutions as a service as well as products for broad applications. An example is the VINO TRACK, a system for autonomous track guiding in vineyards and orchards, which can be applied to any type of tractor and machine.

The applications are for example autonomous golf-range mowing, follow-me feature, plant classification, plant counting, plant-row guidance, autonomous chemical free weeding, lane-tracking, obstacle detection, precise positioning etc.

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PAS at first is responsible for the use case agriculture. The new developed sensor therefore will be mounted on machinery for rural applications like the VINO TRACK and tested under real-world conditions. PAS will also take part in the development of algorithms for detecting and classifying objects. Especially objects with no or limited data bases are of interest for rural applications. Algorithms for creating artificial data or alternative methods for object detection are in the focus. Risk management, hazard assessment and derived measures for safety and security of the system and its parts are additional tasks of PAS. A master plan on this specific subject therefore has to be created to include every aspect of the project and derive the detailed necessary measures for safe and secure operation. PAS will contribute to this plan as it is vital for the commercial use of the results of this project and has the lead in various subtasks concerning this topic.

Key contribution

PAS will bring in its expertise and experience in the field of real-world deployment and testing. Safety and security play a vital role in operating autonomous systems. PAS has already deployed products with autonomous functionality taking into account the current status of safe and secure operation and has certified them using state of the art methods. This experience will be a basis for ensuring safe and secure operation.

Object classification algorithms have already been tested in the field. The results will be part of PAS` contribution. Knowledge about environmental conditions and their impact on the performance of the system will be a major input by PAS.


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