Riegl Research Forschungs­gesellschaft mbH

RIEGL is a well-known manufacturer of laser distance sensors, laser scanners and LiDAR systems. Since more than 40 years RIEGL designs, develops and manufactures high quality laser instruments for commercial and industrial surveying applications. RIEGL Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is the entity within the RIEGL group being well prepared for conducting technological research projects in cooperation with innovative partners.

With 40 years experience in the research, development and production of laser rangefinders, distancemeters and scanners RIEGL delivers proven innovations in the field of 3D laser measurements.

The combination of RIEGL's state-of-the-art hardware for terrestrial, industrial, mobile, air-borne, bathymetric and UAV-based laser scanning with appropriate, equally innovative RIEGL software packages for data acquisition and processing results in powerful solutions for multiple fields of application.

The RIEGL staff in Austria comprises more than 200 highly skilled and motivated engineers, technicians, and other qualified employees. The R&D team comprises more than 40 highly qualified engineers specialized in electronic engineering, physics, computer science, mathematics, and mechatronics.

RIEGL holds about 40 national and international patents, about 20 trademarks and 10 design patents. It belongs to the most renowned providers of high-quality laser scanners and laser scanning systems in the world.


Point cloud of an urban road with parking cars and a pedestrian crossing the road. The points colors represent the target reflectance. The point cloud has been acquired using a laser scanner of RIEGL.


Point cloud of a roundabout from the perspective of the driver of a car approaching the roundabout. The points colors represent the target reflectance. The point cloud has been acquired using a laser scanner of RIEGL.


RIEGL has a long history of conducting research projects. In the past 20 years there has been a continuous line of projects with international partners for national and international agencies like the ESA, European Union, FFG, amongst others.

In this project RIEGL is in charge of developing, manufacturing, testing and calibrating the LiDAR demonstrator which is one of the key deliverables of the project.

Besides the technical and administrative know-how required for this project RIEGL has access to considerable resources in manufacturing as well as test equipment and facilities. A fully equipped laser lab, electronics and mechanical production lines, indoor and outdoor test ranges, measurement equipment and self-developed calibration facilities can be used to carry out a vast range of experimental works essential for the project’s progress and success.

Key contribution

In this project RIEGL will lead the work package destined for designing and realizing the LiDAR demonstrator.

Starting with the collection of typical requirements for sensors in ADAS applications, RIEGL will in tight co-operation with its project partners define a LiDAR demonstrator design being appropriate to fulfill these requirements.

Based on components to be developed and realized by the partners, RIEGL will develop, manufacture, test and calibrate the demonstrator accordingly, utilizing RIEGL’s unique test and calibration equipment and applying its vast experience in this field, collected over many years of successful laser rangefinder and laser scanner development and production.

RIEGL RESEARCH Forschungs­gesellschaft mbH

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