VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH is a leading international R&D center for the automotive and rail industries. The center focuses on the advanced virtualization of vehicle development. This linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing leads to a comprehensive hardware–software system design.

The Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH is Europe’s largest R&D center for virtual vehicle technology with 300 employees. Research priority is the linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing, which leads to a powerful HW-SW whole system design and automation of testing and validation procedures. This focus on industry-related research makes VIRTUAL VEHICLE the innovation catalyst for future vehicle technologies.

The international partner network of VIRTUAL VEHICLE consists of > 100 national and international industrial partners (OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as software providers) as well as > 40 national and international scientific institutions.

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The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator (ADD) is an open vehicle platform and computer controllable car that will be used in the iLIDS4SAM project.

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The newly development sensor will be implemented into the vehicle platform in order to assess its performance on public roads and test tracks.


VIRTUAL VEHICLE's main role in the project is to enable testing of the newly developed sensor under different scenarios for car, rail and agricultural use. This is done by integrating the sensor into demonstrator vehicles and virtual testing based on sensor models.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE seeks to advance embedded intelligence, sensor fusion, fault-tolerant embedded control systems and the interaction of automated and conventional vehicles, thereby guaranteeing safe and predictable behaviour in any weather, at any time, in any driving scenario.

However, the processing of large amounts of data while simultaneously providing safety and in real-time is absolutely necessary to enable automated driving functions.

Key contribution

WP6: Sensor Fusion for Smart & Safe Automated Mobility

In this work package VIRTUAL VEHICLE will lead the integration of the new lidar into demonstrator vehicles. This includes the fusion with other perceptions sensors, such as radar and camera. The demonstrator setup will be used to test and demonstrate the save automated mobility functions in several use cases for urban, rail and agricultural use.

In addition, VIRTUAL VEHICLE will contribute with data management, sensor simulations and standardisation.

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