Expected Impact

iLIDS4SAM will provide essential high-performance LiDAR sensors urgently needed for safe and secure automated mobility, also and especially in urban environments.

iLIDS4SAM will cover the entire technology, application and testing chain in a coordinated flagship project effort, generating hardware and software innovations, introducing a new, smart and secure on-vehicle IT infrastructure concept and deploy and validate it in practical applications.

User benefits include commercial exploitation by the manufacturers of the photonic sensor systems and vehicle manufacturers who integrate them into new and smarter vehicles as well as the general public, which will profit from safer and smarter automated mobility.

High impact is expected on several levels:

Societal Impact

  • facilitating automated mobility for individual and public transportation.
  • increased safety for passengers and road users
  • sustainably securing manufacturing jobs in Austria
  • strengthening science and applied research in Austria.

Scientific Impact

  • Active dissemination of achievements
  • Active involvement of young researcher in the project
  • Contribution to international standardization activities
  • Contribution to open data and the Austrian Alp.Lab
  • Creating a platform for future collaborative AM sensor data fusion research.

Industrial Impact

  • New opportunities for the Austrian semi-conductor and automotive OEM industries.
  • Manufacturing of key elements from core MEMS to entire LIDAR modules & sensor in Austria.
  • Results will facilitate the development of unique compact, integrable high-performance LIDAR sensors, reduce the time-to-market and thus give the Austrian industry a vital head-start in a seminal growth area.