Scientific Publications

Journal Articles

Goelles, T., Schlager, B., Muckenhuber, S., Haas, S., & Hammer, T.
pointcloudset: Efficient Analysis of Large Datasets of Point Clouds Recorded Over Time
Journal of Open Source Software, 6(65), 3471 (2021).

Rott, R., Goelles, T., Ritter, D. J., Schlager, B., & Hennecke, M. E. Limox
A Point Cloud Lidar Model Based on Nvidia Optix Ray Tracing Engine
Available at SSRN: (2022).


Conference Papers

Schinagl, D., Krispel, G., Possegger, H., Roth, P. M., & Bischof, H.
OccAM's Laser: Occlusion-Based Attribution Maps for 3D Object Detectors on LiDAR Data
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (pp. 1141-1150) (2022).