About the project

Automated mobility systems are presently moving towards more complex urban traffic scenarios. The iLIDS4SAM project will enable this transition by developing high performance, low-cost LiDAR sensors with increased field of view and resolution.

A new MEMS based solid-state Lidar system will be explored, with improved timing accuracy and data rates. Based on these new photonic sensors and related advanced validation tools it will be shown that the overall system performance can considerably be improved. Object detection and classification will be performed by combining the information from our Lidar sensor with data from radar sensors and cameras. Several selected use-cases, including complex urban traffic scenarios that were previously impossible to realize, shall be implemented within the project.

Research need and project goals

Lidar is an acronym for “light detection and ranging.” A laser pulse is sent out of a transmitter and the time is measured until light particles which are scattered back from the surrounding objects hit the receiver. This allows to create a 3D representation of the surveyed environment.

Project structure

iLIDS4SAM, an Austrian flagship project for future automated mobility, is based on an industry-lead all-Austrian R&D consortium with eight top company partners and 3 acknowledged scientific partners, fully covering the technology and value chain in the field.